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Benefits of Twin Homes

Homes in Grand Forks NDWhile duplexes and twin homes may share some surface similarities, they’re significantly different, in ways that typically make twin homes more appealing. Both share a common wall, that marks the dividing line between the homes. However, with a twin home, each half is located on its own individual plot of land, rather than both halves being located on one single lot. If you’re exploring the various options of Grand Forks ND homes, Crary Real Estate has fantastic new twin homes available in the Autumn Plains community.

With twin homes, each side is owned and independently. Depending on the community, there may not be homeowner association fees as often occur with condos and townhomes. The owner of each home also owns the land their half is on, thus giving the owner a say over the home’s exterior and landscaping. This provides more freedom in expression, while still cutting down the amount of yard maintenance needed that you’d find with single family homes.

While the owners of each half often consult with each other over exterior colors and other outdoor features, it’s not necessarily mandatory. If you want to build a back patio or change the color of your garage doors or add in extra plants and shrubs, it’s ultimately up to you. You can fine-tune the exterior to suit your personal tastes.

One of the major draws of a twin home is the lower costs involved. The homes themselves are typically less expensive than single-family homes, which can also make financing easier, due to the lower cost. Property taxes are also typically lower, further making a twin home more affordable. Plus, thanks to sharing a central wall, you may even find that heating costs aren’t as high, as you both benefit from the warmth generated between the two homes. Add in energy-saving appliances and other home features, and a twin home becomes a smart, affordable choice.

If you’re looking to take advantage of the current low mortgage rates, but still want to stay within an affordable budget, consider the Grand Forks ND homes at Auburn Plains community. You’ll find attractive, affordable homes in a great location and a family friendly community.

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