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How to Make Your Kitchen Look Neater

Kitchens are often the hub of any home. It’s where people gather, whether food is involved or not. This can lead to a lot of clutter and mess, though, so if you want to keep the kitchens in your new homes in Grand Forks ND looking neat and organized, here are some tips for what to do and what not to do.

Clutter is the biggest issue facing most kitchens. As they’re often the drop-off point for mail, groceries, and more, it’s important to keep on top of things. Plus, even the actual kitchen appliances, gadgets, and other cooking items can make your kitchen look jumbled and messy.

If possible, try to create a dedicated space away from the kitchen, such as in a mudroom, where you can drop items such as mail, bookbags, reusable grocery bags and other similar items. Be sure to have a space for everything, whether it’s hooks, baskets, or organizers, so the mudroom doesn’t become a cluttered mess in the process. The less that comes into the kitchen, the better.

When it comes to your actual kitchen tools and gadgets, it’s important to find the right balance of what you keep on the counters and what gets stored in cabinets. Too many jars, canisters, appliances, and similar items just make your counters look cluttered, while too little looks uninviting and can make less attractive items stand out even more. Limit the appliances to those used daily, such as toasters and coffee makers. The rest should be stored in your cabinets. If you have canisters on the counter with things like flour, sugar, coffee, pasta, etc., make sure they match or can be arranged so that they look orderly and cohesive. Otherwise, consider storing some of the less-used canisters in your pantry or cupboards. Having matching stainless-steel or glass canisters helps keep things looking neat and organized.

If you prefer to keep some of your cooking utensils out on the counter, make sure they’re neatly corralled. A tall ceramic flower pot that complements your kitchen’s decor is a handy way to store spoons, spatulas, and other items close to hand. However, if you have multiples of an item, you may still want to store extras in nearby drawers so that your container doesn’t get out of hand. Another option is to install a bar with hooks for hanging your utensils, either near your stovetop or above it, so that tools are easy to reach. If you’re going to display them openly, try to have all of the utensils be the same brand and color/design so they become part of the decor as well as functional.

Any open shelves or cabinets must be carefully maintained to keep from becoming an unsightly mess. These open displays can quickly become cluttered and an eye sore. Make sure any stacked items are neatly arranged by size and glasses or similar items are carefully lined up.

Kitchen islands or desk nooks often become a place for homework or a place to work from home. Regardless, it is important to keep your work area organized. Straighten up items at the end of the day as much as possible, especially if you have a permanent work space in the kitchen.

Finally, though it may seem counterintuitive, consider keeping a junk drawer in your new homes in Grand Forks ND. Moving into a new home, you may be thinking that you want to avoid such a thing, but the reality is that those junk drawers come in handy while keeping a range of odds and ends out of sight, but not out of reach. Consider drawer organizers to help keep your junk drawer useful. With these tips, your kitchen will be a welcoming place to cook meals, work, and best of all, spend time with your family.

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