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This Unusual Organizing Method Is Just What You Need

Marie Kondo, the Japanese decluttering guru, is popping up everywhere these days, sharing her KonMari method of helping people get rid of clutter and stay organized. While some aren’t in favor of her minimalism that calls for people to only keep items that spark joy in their lives, plenty of people have started to incorporate at least some of her methods to cut down on the clutter that fills our homes in East Grand Forks ND. Whether you follow all of her teachings or just incorporate some of her ideas, this organizational method is sure to help you stay on top of the clutter that can so easily take over our lives.

The first place to start are your closets. Be firm, be realistic, be determined. We hold on to clothing too often out of sentimental reasons or in hope they will fit again. Keep only the clothing that fits and that you truly feel comfortable in, thus sparking joy. If you do want to keep certain items out of sentimental value, pack them away or find a new use for them somehow, rather than letting them take up necessary space in your closets and drawers. Do you have a pile of T-shirts that are full of holes, but you still love? Have them turned into a unique quilt! The key is to reduce your wardrobe down to items that you actually wear, potentially leaving enough space in one closet for two people, especially in larger walk-in closets. You should be able to see all of your clothing at a glance, rather than having items packed tightly together.

When it comes to linen closets and drawers, Marie Kondo is a big proponent avoiding towering stacks. By folding items so that they stand up, this allows you to see everything at a glance and makes it easier to get exactly what you need. In larger closets, you could always incorporate low storage bins to vertically line up bathroom towels, kitchen towels, tableclothes, and more. In fact, boxes and containers in a variety of sizes help you keep small items better organized and allow you to easily reach items, rather than having to dig.

When it comes to your home office, be realistic about how much paper you have and what is actually necessary. Unless they’re documents that you need to keep the physical copy, scan and save other documents online if you still need them. You should also go through any books in your office, especially if they’re for out-of-date programs or other books you just don’t use. Kondo actually suggests getting rid of any books in your home that don’t spark joy, although this has raised the ire of bibliophiles. Still, it’s worth going through your stacks and pulling out any books that you know you’ll never read again. Then you can have more room for new books!

Finally, when it comes to the kitchen and bathroom, try to keep your counters as clean and bare as possible. Everything should be stored away and out of sight, except when in use. This is another area where a variety of storage containers can help keep you organized and make finding small items easier. Consider a basket for spices, drawer organizers for makeup, boxes for hair-styling tools and so on, so that you can easily reach the storage container and choose what you need.

Whether you go full KonMari or just implement some of these organizational methods in your homes in East Grand Forks ND, you’ll find that life does get a bit easier when you aren’t fighting with clutter. Think carefully about each of the items in your home and decide if you really need it or if it can be organized better. In the process, you’ll free up more space and not have the stress that often comes from a lot of clutter.

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