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2020 Sherwin-Williams Color of the Year: Naval SW 6244

Past years have seen some bold, bright colors take center stage as color of the year. This year, the Sherwin-Williams Color of the Year for 2020 is Naval SW 6244. While it may at first seem a relatively low-key color choice, it offers plenty of bold inspiration for your new home in Grand Forks.

According to Sherwin-Williams, this shade of navy “creates a calm and grounding environment infused with quiet confidence.” Yet it’s also taking some bold new steps, breaking people out of their comfort zones to take on the new decade with confidence. Naval SW 6244 finds a way to combine the extremes of opulence and a down-to-earth vibe. In other words, when it comes to how you use this color, you’ve got options!

In many ways, this color is a tribute to the gloriousness of Art Deco. Be bold with whole rooms painted in this rich navy color and accent it with metallics. Light fixtures, mirror frames, side tables, and other decorative elements that bring in metallics — be they gold, silver, bronze, or copper — create a stunning yet elegant combination with this particular shade of navy.

If a whole room of navy is too much, use it as an accent wall or on cabinets, contrasted with a crisp white. The inclusion of metallics still works perfectly with the addition of white. Think of Naval kitchen cabinets against white walls and beautiful white marble countertops. Add in some bronze light fixtures and you have a truly stunning kitchen that is elegant rather than overwhelming.

Aside from the opulence gained from this color, it also inspires more down-to-earth combinations. It can be used with greenery or even minerals like the marble countertops to enhance a connection with nature. According to Sherwin-Williams, “It’s about slowing down to appreciate the beauty in nature and how you can bring it indoors.” This shade of navy conjures up the deep blue evening sky or the vast blue ocean.Us it to create your own calming space.

Use Naval for doors and trim or even think more literal and paint a ceiling in this wonderful blue to create your own night sky. Add in some large, lush green potted plants and natural wood mirror frames or flooring, with crisp white or pale sand walls for a room that feels like a sanctuary.

There are plenty of ways to use the 2020 Sherwin-Williams Color of the Year in your new home in Grand Forks. Let this color inspire you, whether you’re looking for glamour or natural beauty.

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