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Add Some Designer Style to Your Coffee Table

Whether you’re thinking of new ways to decorate one of the Grand Forks homes you’re moving into soon or maybe you just want to give your place an update, one of the best places to start is the coffee table. If you’ve had the same set of coffee table books gathering dust and the same bowl that is starting to accumulate all sorts of junk, here are some designer tips to add new life to your coffee table, while still keeping it functional.

One of the best ways to keep your coffee table looking fresh throughout the year is by swapping out decorations as the seasons change. For spring, start with a simple vase of flowers. All white looks elegant or you could choose flowers in a complementary color to the room. Pair the flowers with some glass candle holders of varying heights or a simple decorative basket made of natural fibres. As summer rolls around, a conch shell on a stack of books adds a beachy vibe.

No matter the size of your coffee table, it is important to mix and match heights. Having all of the decorations on one eye level gets boring. Stacking gradually smaller decorative boxes or books helps balance out a few smaller decorative pieces scattered about. A larger floral display or a large candle or lantern with smaller candles scattered also creates an interesting vignette. The key is to keep the eye moving without getting cluttered.

With longer coffee tables, it often helps to divide the table top into thirds. Consider three larger coffee table books each set on their own or flank a rectangular decorative tray with two similarly sized books. You can always add small decorative pieces on some of the items to make it look less stark and once again add some height.

Alternatively, you could use one decorative tray to serve as a containment area for a small vignette of books, flowers, decorative boxes, figurines and opera glasses — it’s a great way to show off those small, unusual pieces.

If the thought of all of those knicknacks and other items just leave you dreading the dusting job each week, you can always go minimalist. Choose just one or two bolder items, though it does still look good to mix the heights. A tall, linear sculpture paired with a unique decorative bowl or a favorite art book makes a statement without creating clutter.

Whatever approach you take in your Grand Forks homes, try to find items that really represent you and your interests. There’s no reason why that coffee table book can’t be about Marvel superheroes instead of Monet paintings. It does also help to keep a box or basket nearby for the usual day-to-day items like remotes, lip balm, game controllers, etc. If your coffee table has storage or a shelf underneath, a spacious, but easily accessed box or set of boxes for those less attractive items keeps your table organized and stylish.

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