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All the Best Home Decorating Trends for 2020

One of the many great things about buying one of the new homes in Grand Forks ND is the option to start fresh with your home interior design. While you’ll have certain furnishings that will need to be incorporated, this is a great time to give your existing items an update with new colors, accessories, textiles and more. With a new year, a new decade, and a new home, make the most of this opportunity to embrace some of the hot new home design trends for 2020.

While a solid classic blue may be the Pantone color of the year, there are other color trends that work really well with this shade of blue. Blush colors have been showing up more, but now they’re going a bit deeper and duskier. You’ll find that the combination of the classic blue, such as in sofa cushions, with a dusky blush, either in the wall color or even the sofa color, creates a soothing but still interesting setting. Other colors popping up are richer shades, such as burgundy, merlot, and even aubergine. There are a lot of ways to play with a combination of these colors for a sumptuous sense of luxury.

Another trend that works well with these blush tones is the interest in French vintage design. Maybe find a reclaimed fireplace frame with ornate carvings, or a gilt-framed patina mirror, with other touches of gold, marble, and dusky floral linens. This trend works great in bedrooms, but it can still be used in living rooms, with just a few specific ornate pieces, complemented by neutral tones and other furnishings with clean lines, creating balance.

In fact, whether you’re going for vintage or modern, the combination of straight lines and curves is hugely popular right now. Go for a curvy, lush sofa in a rich color, but pair it with a more streamlined coffee table. On the other hand, if many of your furnishings are more modern and linear, soften the edges with more circles, be they round side tables or circular frames or mirrors. Curves have a lot of appeal right now.

While dusky blushes and deep blues are some of the big color focuses right now, you can choose to go even bolder with chartreuse, the Etsy choice for color of the year. Best of all, you can combine any of the popular colors to create a striking room. Chartreuse is a big bold color, but it can work great in a hallway, or in a rug, as the fabric on a side chair, as throw pillows, or even an accent wall. This is a color that is surprisingly versatile, working with a wide variety of colors, from soft greys, warm corals, to dark aubergine.

It also goes well with teak furniture, which is another hot trend this year. Teak furnishings with chartreuse cushions, a patina mirror, and lots of large and small potted plants in a bright sunny room, with pops of blue or yellow accessories creates an amazing garden room or semi-solarium that feels vintage but not outdated.

Explore the variety of colors and shapes that are on trend this year and likely for coming years and make the most of decorating your new homes in Grand Forks ND. Starting with a fresh palette of a home is a fantastic opportunity to explore new design ideas.

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