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Brilliant Ways to Organize Your Garage

Garages have a habit of filling up to the point that the cars don’t fit, no matter your best intentions. If you’re moving into one of the Grand Forks ND new homes and want to finally be able to use your garage to its full extent, there are a number of storage and organization options that not only make room for everything but also make everything easily accessible throughout the year, making it more likely that things will be returned to their rightful storage spot.

Many of the new homes available through Crary Real Estate have two- or three-car garages, making it much easier to fit both your cars and typical garage storage items. Some homes may only need a few cabinets or storage bins, while others may need extensive and flexible storage and display. The key is to think about your personal needs and find the most efficient option for your needs.

For example, plastic storage bins serve a number of purposes, from holding tools to sports equipment to holiday decorations. If that makes up the bulk of your storage needs, consider building or purchasing shelving units that will hold multiple storage bins. This prevents them from being stacked on top of each other and makes them more accessible. In addition, shelving units with solid sides can be used for additional storage, through the use of hooks and small shelves for brooms, shovels, rakes, cleaning supplies, etc.

Another storage bin solution is to hang them up from the ceiling using a track system. You can purchase a system or build one using 1x4s and 2x2s. The lips of the top of the storage bins slide onto the tracks, holding them up and out of the way. This is particularly good for items you only use occasionally, such as camping gear or holiday decorations.

If you want more direct access to tools and other items, a system of wire shelving and baskets along the wall provides plenty of flexibility while keeping everything within easy reach. Use plastic baskets to group similar items together on the shelves, such as car cleaning and maintenance products, gardening supplies, and other loose items. Wire baskets or hooks are great for items used regularly by the family, such as sports equipment.

Canvas storage bags are ideal for keeping holiday decorations clean and safe throughout the year. They can often be hung up or placed on higher storage shelving as they’re only needed once a year.

If your garage is also a workspace, you may prefer a more extensive storage and display system so that tools are right at hand. A combination of solid horizontal wood slats that can hold hooks, baskets, shelving and pegboards gives you a way to accommodate a variety of tools, accessories and more in arrangements that best suit your needs. You can create your own flexible garage storage wall or purchase a customizable system.

Finally, don’t forget the corners. Group together brooms, rakes, baseball bats or a variety of long narrow items in cardboard concrete-forming tubes. They can be attached to the wall for sturdiness using bungee cords or plumbing straps. Another option is to build simple corner shelves to hold lighter items such as tins of paint, cleaning supplies, waxes, polishes and other small containers. If you have exposed wall studs, they can form an easy framework for the shelves, so that all you need are some wood cleats and plywood shelves cut to size.

When you purchase one of the Grand Forks ND new homes from Crary Real Estate, take some time as you unpack and settle in to get your garage as organized as the rest of your home. With space for two or three cars, there are a variety of storage options to make the most of your space.

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