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Current Interior Design Trends You’ll Love

If you’ve chosen one of the new homes in Grand Forks and are starting to look for interior design inspiration, we have some of the latest on-trend styles you’re sure to love. Today’s trends offer a lot of flexibility, ensuring you can find some updated ideas to bring new life into your existing decor, or go all out and start from scratch to mirror your new home!

While minimalism will always have its place, sometimes you want more – a lot more! Maximalism is one of the latest growing trends with an embrace of colors, patterns, and mixing the unexpected. Stripes, florals, and animal prints on fabrics and an array of colors can all work together, layered upon each other. Maximalism isn’t necessarily about more stuff, it’s about more saturated colors and vivid patterns – bold, rich, and textured. The key is to use a consistent color or color family to tie everything together. With maximalism, it’s go big or go home. But even if you’re not ready for that much visual stimulus, you can still incorporate more bold colors and patterns in your spaces, even if it’s smaller as with a mix of throw pillows, curtains and rugs.

To go along with the maximalism, which uses a lot of patterned wallpaper, you’ll see that wallpaper in general is making a comeback. Fortunately, there are now peel-and-stick wallpapers that are much easier to apply. Whether you want a bold bright pattern for a whole room, an accent wall, or a hallway, it’s a fun way to add more liveliness to any space. If in doubt, consider trying a fun paper in a half bathroom, where it’s easier to go bold. You may find yourself reconsidering and turning to more patterns elsewhere.

Another trend is using monochromatic color in the room, where you use one color (or shades of one color) for walls, baseboards, trim, and windows. Whether all one color or slight tonal changes, it adds a certain high-end luxury feel to the space.

Black kitchens have also started making more of an appearance in today’s interior design. Sleek black cabinets serve as a great backdrop for stylish hardware. It also lets you work with a variety of colors for countertops and backsplashes, whether you continue the black theme or choose a contrasting color.

These are just a few of the current interior design trends that you can easily work into your new homes in Grand Forks. Embrace one style wholeheartedly, or use a few elements of multiple styles to create a home that is uniquely you. Contact Crary Real Estate today to find your new home.

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