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Essential Goals for Your Garage

With the winter weather that ranges from freezing temperatures to snow and ice, many owners of homes in Grand Forks ND make an effort to keep their garages clear enough to park their cars to minimize some of the winter hassles. Still, there’s so much you can do to maximize the space in your garage and make it truly functional and organized and not just a place to park cars and dump odds and ends.

Many people simply resort to shoving various boxes against the walls to make room for the cars and drop in mops, rakes, and lawnmowers wherever they fit. Others at least add some shelving and tables, but that should just be the start of your organization and storage. Start by looking at what you want and need to store in the space and then start thinking about the most convenient way to make sure everything is easily accessible or at least arranged in a sensible manner.

In garages, it’s best to make as much use of vertical space as possible. Along with tall storage shelves, you may want to consider slat-wall panels ideal for hanging a variety of tools and smaller storage solutions. Furthermore, instead of open shelves, consider cabinets. Use a mix of tall ones with an open space on one side for storing rakes, mops, and similar tall items, as well as shelving on the other side for more storage of smaller items. Many people also turn to cabinets or drawer storage that can be used as a work surface when two or more are placed together, potentially with the slat wall above the work space. This puts everything at your fingertips where and when you need it. Cabinets of all sizes also help keep everything cleaner, reducing dust buildup.

Overhead storage is another option, especially for items only used once a year or so. You can install storage tracks that easily hold large plastic storage bins, ideal for holiday decorations, camping equipment, and other items not needed on a regular basis.

If you have kids with a lot of sports equipment, you may want to designate certain storage areas specifically for them, ideally by the door they use to get in and out of the house so that there’s no excuse not to put things away when they’re done. This kind of dedicated storage arrangement works for everyone in the house. Lawn maintenance items should be stored together, cleaning supplies should be grouped in the same area, along with car maintenance items, frequently used tools, etc. By giving everything a designated space, things are less likely to get lost and they can be found and used by anyone in the family without moans that they can’t find something.

Finally, if you are planning on using your garage as a workspace, not just a storage space, consider adding in more venting if necessary, along with heating and cooling options to make the space more comfortable, not just efficient.

Whether you’re moving into one of the homes in Grand Forks ND and want to start fresh in the garage or just want to start the year off more organized, now is the time to go through everything in your garage, get rid of what you don’t need, and consider spending a little money for the kinds of storage organization you will need and be able to use. The end result is a space that remains cleaner, easier to navigate, and a truly useful part of your home.

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