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Homemade St. Patrick’s Day Decor Ideas

While there are plenty of places where St. Patrick’s Day celebrations veer toward wild and crazy, when it comes to decorating your homes in Grand Forks ND, aim for a more genteel festive flair. You can still serve green beer, if you must, but consider serving it in pretty glasses instead of plastic cups. As for the rest of your home decor, here are some easy homemade ways to add sparkle and perhaps a bit of the luck o’ the Irish this March 17th.

You can never go wrong with bunting and the styles and material options seem to stretch on as far as the Emerald Isle itself. If you want to get your young children involved, construction paper and four-leaf clover cutouts, plus some ribbon and gold paint or even stick-on gold stars are an easy way to let young ones express their creativity.

For a more upscale bunting display, cut out triangles of burlap and paint alternating ones with green stripes and gold polka dots. Then string them together with green yarn or ribbon. For a more unusual form of bunting, alternate glittery shamrocks with little green pom poms for a fun and festive addition to mantelpieces, doorways, or even kitchen islands.

The simple combination of green and gold makes for a more refined holiday decor. If you’re hosting a dinner, create a table runner out of a lovely emerald green fabric and scatter gold coins (the more affordable chocolate variety is acceptable) along the fabric, with white candles lined up along the table runner.

An elegant but unmistakable decor option is a homemade shamrock that can stand on a mantlepiece or be hung on the front door. Visit the craft store and pick up some floral foam and moss. Then simply cut out a shamrock shape to whatever size you want and glue on the moss. You could even monogram it, particularly if it’s going to hang on your front door. Another option is to make small ones to place among a collection of green and gold vases for a centerpiece or on the fireplace mantel. Even if your normal pottery and glassware doesn’t run to those colors, you can paint some thrift-store finds or canning jars and turn them into attractive St. Patrick-themed displays.

It’s amazing what you can do with some burlap, gold and green paint, flower foam, and moss. Or if you have a fascination with fonts, try creating your own multi-font typographic print with references to St. Patrick’s Day, luck of the Irish, March 17th, leprechauns, and any other Irish-themed word or phrase. Give it a simple frame and prop or hang it up somewhere focal.

The homes in Grand Forks ND are filled with great spots to add a touch of St. Patrick’s Day decoration without having to break into the pot o’ gold. Plus, you’ll have unique decorations, and if you make them with your children, you’ll have some wonderful memories to go with them. Now that’s truly lucky!

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