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How Buying a New Home Is Better for the Environment

It may not seem obvious at first, but it turns out that buying one of the new construction homes in Grand Forks ND is often better for the environment. It’s also good for you financially, typically for similar reasons. Here are a few ways that may just make you consider buying new in your home hunt.

Increasingly, homebuilders are constructing more energy-efficient homes. Some even build Zero Energy Ready Homes (ZERH), which are designed to use 40% to 50% less energy, drastically reducing energy bills. Plus, energy codes are stricter in general, so new homes are able to meet these guidelines more easily than older homes. Even if you don’t have a ZERH property, most builders include solid Energy Star rankings and more to provide environmental protections and energy savings.

Increasingly, new construction builders include smart technology and higher-quality, energy-efficient building practices and appliances. This means your HVAC systems, kitchen appliances, lighting, and more are designed to be more energy efficient, use renewable resources, and ultimately save you money on heating, cooling, water, and more, while also benefiting the environment.

The inclusion of smart technology, whether as standard or optional, plays an important role in new homes. Along with the personal security it can offer, through security cameras and systems, and more, you have more control over how and when your appliances work. Heating/cooling can be programmed to meet minimum needs while you’re away, but come on at a certain time to ensure you enter into a comfortable home when you return. Water heaters and more also ensure the appropriate levels of comfort while saving energy and money.

Finally, with new homes, there’s the knowledge that they’re built to higher codes, with better windows, lighting, insulation, sealing, and more to further enhance your home’s energy efficiency. Older homes are less likely to meet these standards and can be costly to upgrade.

If you’re in the market for one of the homes in Grand Forks ND, contact us to learn more about the environmental and financial benefits of purchasing a brand new home. With fewer repairs and a more environmentally sound construction that keeps your home functioning solidly for years to come, the slightly higher price will quickly be exceeded in savings.

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