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How to Choose the Best Lot in New Subdivisions

If you’ve been exploring our website, you may have noticed we have lots available in a variety of communities where you can build new homes in Grand Forks ND. While it’s a fantastic option to have the choice of lot for your new home, it can also feel a little overwhelming at first as you try to understand what is the best option. These tips will help you get a better understanding of how to choose the best lot for you and your new home.

Your best bet is to choose a planned community where the home builders involved in the community have already plotted out various lots for homes, and potentially green areas, sidewalks, and other amenities and features. They’re also more likely to have issues such as sewers, wiring, wifi and more already planned.

These developers also typically have maps already marking out the various lots and open spaces, and have home designs that are guaranteed to fit particular lots. It’s important to remember that not all home designs work on all lots. Due to sloping, size and other issues, some homes just won’t fit properly on all lots. New home construction companies can work with you to find the perfect combination of home and lot for your needs. However, whether you’re working with a developer or not, you need to think about the topography. Sloping land may have drainage issues or lead to more expensive builds. Planned communities that have been filled in and graded may have settlement issues in the future. It’s important to discuss these issues with your potential builder.

If you’re not dealing with a developer, you’re likely to want to visit the local Register of Deeds and Planning Department. These two places will give you a better feel for the neighborhood and building options. Fortunately, this can be done online by visiting the Register of Deeds website to receive records that show the subdivision’s dimensions, easements, covenants, common areas, and the size of the lots, as well as a list of the lots currently available. After that, check out the website of the Planning Department to check on the utilities in the development and what is done already or what may need to be done. This is where you can check sewer lines, utilities, road networks, and even landscaping plans.

If construction has begun on the community, it’s worth driving or walking around and getting a feel for the area and understanding any natural landscaping that will remain, along with through streets and other layout issues. Look at the neighborhood and think about where you’d most want your home to be, keeping in mind all of these issues. Paired with the list of available lots, you should be able to find an ideal lot for your homes in Grand Forks ND.

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