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How to Keep Your New Home Smelling Fresh

People often speak wistfully of that new car smell, but what about that new home smell? You know, the one before all the stinky shoes and pets invade, and life adds its own fragrance. While you may not want the brand new home smell of paint and caulking, there’s no reason not to want your homes in Grand Forks ND to smell fresh and inviting. Don’t just rely on perfumes; deodorize areas of your home to ensure a truly fresh, appealing scent.

If you have pets, you’re bound to end up with some dog or cat aroma. However, you can limit it by washing their bedding frequently, covering chairs where they sit with easy-to-wash blankets, and cleaning out the litter box ASAP! In fact, with litter boxes, you may want to invest in some of the mechanical ones that clean up automatically and save you the time and energy, only having to empty the receptacle as needed. Bathe your pets, but be sure not to do it too often to avoid drying out their skin, and use the appropriate products. There are also dry shampoos you can use for your pets in between bathings. If your pets have had accidents inside the home, look for cleaning products specifically designed to kill the enzymes in pet urine that can cause a lingering odor. It can help stop them from also returning to the scene of the crime.

If you have a garbage disposal, that is another area to keep up with on a regular basis. A dollop of lemon-scented dish soap down the disposal, followed by turning the water on and then running the disposal may help keep things fresh if done once a week. For tougher smells, consider using actual citrus rinds in the disposal, followed by lots of water. If that’s still not enough, turn to the household favorite, baking soda, pouring half a cup down the disposal while running hot water.

While we’re in the kitchen, don’t forget the trash can. Inevitably there are leaks or strong odors that get into the can itself, despite garbage bags. A hose, a sturdy outdoor broom to use as a large scrubber, and some disinfecting soap will help with major spills and strong odors. Otherwise, sprinkle some baking soda on the bottom of the can when replacing bags and/or give it and the lid a spray with antibacterial cleaner for regular maintenance.

Rugs and carpets really seem to hold on to odors, which is why sometimes you need to break down and hire or rent a carpet cleaner. However, for regular maintenance, it’s time for the baking powder again. There are scented carpet powders if you want, but regular baking soda can do a good job. Sprinkle it all over the carpet/rug and let it sit for a while, or even overnight, before vacuuming. If you’re cleaning a rug, turn the rug over and vacuum both sides to help you remove even more of the dirt and powder. You can also sprinkle baking soda on pet beds and even your own mattresses and then vacuum them. In fact, vacuuming your own mattresses each time you change your sheets is a great way to pick up all the dead skin and dirt that works its way into the mattress as you sleep. Finish off with a quick spritz of a fabric deodorizer.

Make sure you change your air filters regularly and if you like, there are some air deodorizers you can clip to the vents to help spread a fresh clean scent through your whole home.

Also, if you’ve been thinking of adding more plants to your home’s interior, it’s a great idea. Plants help purify the air and look good doing it. Just make sure you have the right plants for your rooms so they have appropriate care and light. Watch out for pets, too, in case they might try to eat them or use them as bathrooms, particularly as some plants can be dangerous to pets if they eat them.

Finally, once  you’ve made sure your home is clean and sanitized, now is the time to add those special fragrances you like, just as you add a touch of perfume. Candles and dryer sheets in unexpected places, like linen closets, drawers and other small areas are a great way to add a touch of soft fragrance. Obviously, though, don’t light those candles. You can also create your own specialized home fragrance right on your stovetop. Put some water in a sauce pan and add some whole spices, citrus fruit rinds, and/or herbs and spices like mint and lavender to create a softly simmering aroma for your home, unique to you. Just keep an eye on it and don’t let it dry out.

Think about where you have the most obvious odors and start from there. For example, if you take your shoes off at the front door, consider a closed shoe rack and some dryer sheet inserts to help reduce the odor. With a little thought and a little effort, you can soon make changes that help keep your homes in Grand Forks ND smelling fresh and clean year round.

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