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How to Try Out a Neighborhood Before Buying

Moving to a new neighborhood is exciting, but it can also be a little stressful as you wonder if it’s the right location for you. Do you have to travel too far for groceries or an evening out? What is the neighborhood like on weekends and evenings? Does it seem friendly or cold? It’s worth the effort to do some research on the neighborhoods, as well as the homes in Grand Forks ND. Of course, you can check school quality, crime rates, and more online, but it’s always a good idea to get out and explore the neighborhood in person whenever possible.

If you’re coming from another city and have found a potential home, it might be worth the cost to try to spend a weekend in the area. Ideally, you could find an AirBnB in the neighborhood to really get a feel for the area and what it will be like to live there, but if that’s not an option — or not a positive selling point for a neighborhood you’re interested in — at least look for a hotel nearby. Then you can start exploring the nearby shops, school, entertainment, and daily commute with your new neighborhood as the starting point.

For example, if food is a fun pastime, as well as basic sustenance, explore the neighborhood for farmers markets, local grocery stores, and check out the dining options. Look for what is important to you and see if you’ll be happy with the nearby options or if you’re going to have to go out of your way for — or do without — certain items.

Ask your friends if they know anyone in or near your desired neighborhood. They can put you in touch and you’ll have a chance to ask about their own personal experiences. They may even invite you over to get to know the neighborhood, meet some neighbors, and find out local favorites. If you do choose the neighborhood, you’ll already be starting off with new acquaintances who could soon become friends.

Even if you don’t have any direct connections to the neighborhood, consider going for a walk around the area on a weekend to see what the community feels like. Take the whole family — this is particularly good, too, if you have a dog — and go walk around and take a close look at the state of the homes, whether people are sociable, whether there are kids playing outdoors, and other aspects of daily life. You’ll get a sense of whether the community could really feel like home for you and your own family.

There are plenty of fantastic homes in Grand Forks ND, but it’s also important to find a neighborhood and community that meets your needs. Long drives and commutes and a lack of local amenities will take the sheen off an otherwise great home, so make sure you do your research on the neighborhood, as well as the home. You can start by letting the knowledgeable and experienced people at Crary Real Estate help you find the perfect home and neighborhood.

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