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Make Buying a Home Early in 2017 Your New Year’s Resolution

With unemployment rates dropping, stock markets rising, and home values recovering, more and more people are considering purchasing one of the new homes in Grand Forks ND. With the arrival of 2017, many people may be starting to think about looking at available homes, but with the improved economic market, purchasing a new home may get harder if you don’t act fast. If you’ve been thinking at all about buying a new home, don’t wait!

Now that home values are increasing and employment numbers are steadier, there’s an even greater influx of people looking to purchase a home. Competition among buyers is growing daily. In fact, the number of homes for sale has dropped, while the number of people looking has increased. Even during the usually slower autumn months, home sales have been stronger than usual, with new buyers continuing to search.

You may be tempted to think that there won’t be as much buying competition at the start of the year, especially for people looking at new homes in Grand Forks ND. After all, most people want to avoid the winter weather and are recovering from a costly and tiring holiday season. Yet as a result of the mortgage rates continuing to rise steadily throughout the end of 2016, buyers are feeling a sense of urgency, wanting to lock in a decent rate before they get priced out.

If purchasing a new home in 2017 is one of your new year’s resolutions, you need to act now. Get your pre-approval, starting looking at homes on the market, and lock in your mortgage rate before they climb even higher. The percentage of homes available is around 10% lower than it was this time last year, so with increased demand and higher mortgage rates, you don’t have time to wait.

Contact Crary Real Estate today to start making plans and learning more about the available homes in your price range and preferred location. Their experienced staff will work with you every step of the way to find the home you want and need to start 2017 off on a high note.

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