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Mantel Decor Ideas for the Holidays

If you’re sitting in your current Grand Forks ND homes and find yourself wishing for a mantel for that extra holiday atmosphere, Crary has home lots available in Autumn Woods that could let you have your dream home in time for the 2022 holiday season, perhaps with a mantel included. After all, where else are you supposed to hang your stockings with care? Whether you have a mantel now or are planning on having one, here are some ideas for festive mantel decor ideas for the holidays.

Bottle brush trees have been popping up everywhere the past few seasons, and they’ve gone beyond the typical colors of red, green, gold, and white. They come in a variety of festive colors that are ideal for a mantel. Mix and match height and colors to create a cheerful woodland scene. The bits of glitter that are often a part of them help them catch the ambient lights. In fact, add in a few decorative tea-light holders in their own mix of colors for a truly sparkling and festive display.

If you prefer your classic colors, a great way to incorporate traditional design with new ideas is asymmetrical greenery. Mix pine, and cedar greenery with faux magnolia and other evergreen garland and stems to create a waterfall effect that starts from one end of the mantel and carries over down the side of the other end, whether to the hearth or the floor, depending on your preference. Rather than mixing in the usual red baubles, candles, or magnolia blooms, consider dried orange slices for that hint of color and fragrance and top the whole display off with a  sleek brass candelabra or an array of  simple brass candlesticks of varying heights. A mirror on the wall behind it all will really add a touch of sparkle and glow.

For something a little different, consider using artwork – prints, photos, etc. – of winter scenes to line your mantel. Best of all, they don’t need to be hung; just stack them, using varying sizes. You could stick with all black & white images or all color or mix and match. Horizontal Red barns covered in snow, paired with vertical images of pine trees covered in snow in black and white, and similar scenes offer a new visual alternative. You can always finish off the display with some simple green garland or a few bottle brush trees or even a string of small fairy lights.

One thing you’ve probably seen more and more often are faux taxidermy animals in clearly plastic, geometric designs. This format takes some of the squeamishness out of it for many people and adds a touch of entertaining kitsch, especially when you choose something like a reindeer in a crazy shade of pink or blue and then find block letters in a mix of colors to spell out “Merry Christmas” on your mantel. Add in a few bottle brush trees or a few day-glo nutcracker dolls to frame it all out and you have something modern and fun.

The great thing about a mantel is that you can do whatever appeals to your personal style. If you have a collection of Christmas figurines, put them together in groupings and link them together with greenery or candles. If you find some mismatched figurines at the thrift store, consider painting them a solid color, such as pink or blue or yellow or whatever works for you and let the color and form take precedence. The options are endless.

If you don’t already have a mantel, you could have a beautiful one if you choose one of the lots available for Grand Forks ND homes from Crary Real Estate. Contact us today to see about building your own brand new home with all of the features you want, not just for convenience, but also for the fun of decoration.

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