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The Furniture Trends to Watch in 2019

We all need a some changes from time to time to keep life fresh and interesting. We update our wardrobes, so why not update our home furnishings. If you’re purchasing one of the new Grand Forks homes, now is the perfect time to add a few new pieces of furniture, especially if you’re buying a brand new home where you get to choose the colors and finishings. You’ll be perfectly set to add in a few new pieces that are going to be big furniture trends in 2019. Even if you’ve already moved into your home and simply want to add a few updates, there are plenty of ways to use these new trends, whether you go big or small.

One of the trends that is really gaining ground is the use of blush colors. Whether it’s the walls of a room, the upholstery on dining room chairs, a rug in the living room, throw pillows on a sofa, or an upholstered headboard, this elegant color serves as a great neutral. It is perfect for pairing with greys and natural woods for a calming atmosphere, but it also pairs beautifully with stronger colors like forest green and navy. From small decorations to large pieces of furniture, blush is a great color to update any room.

Antiques are making a comeback as people search for items that are unique and have a sense of character. It could be a set of lamps, a dining table set, a chandelier, or a clock on the mantel. From big statement pieces to smaller displays, antiques invite the mind to imagine all kinds of personal histories.

Antiques cover a broad range of time, so you may want to focus more on Art Deco antiques or at least pieces with Art Deco inspiration. This period beautifully blends clean lines and curves, with decorative elements that break up the starkness of the modern lines. Art Deco influences are showing up in the shapes of furniture, particularly a fascination with curves, textile patterns, and colors. Once again, the blush trend pairs perfectly with the oxblood, navy, and olive green of the Art Deco influence.

Finally, metals, in gold, brass, or black, are becoming more prominent. No longer are they simple thin legs on a table. They’re becoming more sculptural and a work of art as well as functional. Entry tables with an intricate metal base are elegant and eye catching. This is another area where the Art Deco elements may appear, with some of the swirls and organic shapes formed in metal.

Natural materials, abstract geometrics, and attention to small details are also among the trends of 2019. If you’re looking to update your Grand Forks homes and want to incorporate some of these elements, you may want to focus on one or two main rooms for bigger updates and use smaller pieces to update additional rooms. Check out the design magazines, Pinterest, and more to pick the trends that really speak to you and that will work with some of the furnishings you already have.

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