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Tips for Building Your Own Home Gym

We all know that exercise is important, but knowing it and following through on it can be two different things. How much money has been spent on gym memberships that go to waste? To give yourself a better chance of following through on your daily exercise, consider building  your own gym in your homes in Grand Forks ND. Whether it’s a simple yoga space or a full weights and machines gym to rival the professionals, there are ways to build a space that will encourage you to fit in a workout on a regular basis.

First, think about the activities you’re most likely to do, as this will determine the amount of space that you need. If you’re likely to do cardio workouts that require a lot of floor space for movement, that’s important, because if you have to move furniture out of the way, you’re less likely to do the workouts. If you just need a treadmill and some weights, you may not need as much space, especially if your treadmill is the type that folds up when not in use. Being clear on the space needed lets you more easily determine where in your home you want to set up your gym. Potentially, you could use a guest room if you don’t need much space, otherwise, a finished basement or flex room in your home could be the ideal spot.

If you’re really new to exercise and are working on a budget, consider just making the most of video exercises that are available for free online. Stream them on your tv, computer, or tablet. If you are planning on creating a home gym with more equipment, just make sure you include a place for easily watching these videos or other regular programs if you like to watch tv or movies while on the treadmill or stationary bike. Don’t forget to include music options for your home gym! Entertainment of some form can make the time fly by and encourage you to exercise for longer.

Rather than go all out on expensive equipment to start, it’s best to have some basics to get you in the habit of working out. Then you can gradually add more expensive equipment. As a general rule, a basic home gym should include a mat for yoga/pilates/stretching, resistance bands for stretching and strength training, and a kettle ball or small hand weights for body weight workouts and simple weight lifting. You could also choose wrist and ankle weights for body weight workouts, leaving your hands free for additional weights as you get stronger. A medicine ball, dumbbells in a range of weights, and foam rollers for stretching tight muscles are some additional basic items to consider.

When it comes to purchasing the equipment, you can find these basics at an affordable price at many off-price department stores like TJ Maxx or even stores like Target. They’re often less expensive than sporting goods stores. When it comes to larger exercise equipment, consider second-hand shopping. Plenty of people start off with good intentions and then their equipment just starts gathering dust — or clothing! Turn to Craigslist, and similar local online markets to find things like treadmills, dumbbell sets, exercise bikes, weight benches, and other machines. However, it’s best to avoid gimmicky equipment that you often see on TV. It’s best to stick with tried and trusted types of equipment.

By creating a dedicated space for working out in your homes in Grand Forks ND, you increase the likelihood of actually working out regularly. Ideally, it should be a space that offers some privacy and peace. Make sure everything is on hand, just as it is in a regular gym, so that you don’t have to stop and dig out equipment or move furniture around. Plus, by adding in a TV and music, and potentially a small fridge for cool drinks, and a place to store towels, working out will become more enjoyable, especially once you start to see the payoff in a stronger, healthier body.

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