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2023 Design Trends

Design trends in recent years have seen cozy, soft, and comfortable taking over homes in East Grand Forks ND. Amid all the earthy tones and rounded shapes, there has been a shift toward maximalism, as minimalism started to seem too cold and bare. Even for those who do prefer cleaner lines, there are new trends that focus on color and a few stand-out pieces to breathe new life into your home designs.

Color is big. Having fun with color is key. Kitchens are a great place to add color to your home. It’s a lively, warm, friendly place in most homes, as it’s more than a kitchen; it’s a gathering place. Kitchens are no longer sleek with a rare pop of color. Color is taking over. While your cabinets and counters may still be sleek, they may also be a cheerful, bright yellow or a modernist mix of primary and secondary colors. You can still use white as your base for counters and cabinets, but consider a red oven, bands of blue backsplash tiles, and even a bright green kitchen island.

Similarly, kitchens are where you may see more kitsch. Choose a theme, but a fun one, not the out-dated Tuscan kitchen. If you love roosters, chickens, or frogs, or simply want to make the most of food-related homewares, pick one and have fun with it. You don’t need to go overboard, but a handful of related figures, such as salt-and-pepper shakers, kitchen towels, framed art, and the odd porcelain piece on the counter can be fun without being too much.

The kitchen is hardly the only place where color is making a comeback. Living rooms, bedrooms, and more are seeing warmer colors in a broader range. Raspberry, apricot, orange, coral and yellow, like a wonderful sunset are bringing life and warmth to rooms throughout the home. By choosing mellower hues of some of these more vibrant colors, you can add warmth while still making a room feel relaxing. Go with a softer apricot for walls and throw in brighter pops of raspberry and orange for cheerful contrast. If those warm tones aren’t right for you, cooler blues and greens are a popular alternative. From bold tones to the palest of pale, blues and greens are a wonderful way to create a calm oasis.

Speaking of an oasis, greenery, whether real or in prints, remains popular, though now you’re more likely to see plants, such as cacti and other irregularly shaped flora. Mossy greens, mineral shades, and unusual natural textures are also making an appearance.

Ultimately, personalized homes are the biggest trend for 2023. More people are looking for well-made and often hand-crafted furnishings and decoration pieces that will last and also offer unique style. That can easily carry over into the rest of your home decor, through the choice of vintage finds that can be incorporated as they are or repurposed in a new way. This mix of old and new, with items that speak to your personal tastes ensure your homes in East Grand Forks ND truly represent you and your personal style.

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