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Buying a home during the holidays can save you big

Thanksgiving may be over, but Black Friday and Cyber Monday probably already have you searching for the best deals on holiday gifts. Even if you’re looking at purchasing one of the homes in Grand Forks ND, December is full of some of the best days to buy a new home and get the best deal. Analysis from ATTOM Data Solutions suggests that December has seven of the top 10 best dates to buy a house, so get that offer in now and you could see significant savings.

You need to put the offer in now, as it usually takes about 30 days to close on a house and Dec. 26, 29 and 21 are in the top 10 of best closing dates. In fact, buying a home on December 26 may save you as much as $2,500 according to ATTOM’s analysis. December 29 is your next best date if you haven’t put in an offer yet, as that usually sees an average of  $1,320 saved. Nine of the 10 best closing dates are between October and December, but if you’re in the market and haven’t had a chance to make an offer yet, February 9 comes in appropriately in ninth place with an average savings of $500.

Of course, all of this is based on general averages and median home prices. It also depends more on where you live. Fortunately, if you’re searching in North Dakota where weather is more likely to keep many people from looking intently during the winter, you may be able to grab a great deal if you’re ready to make an offer now. Warmer weather locales don’t always see the same break in costs as more people are still looking.

However, no matter where you live, now is the perfect time to make an offer, because of all of the holiday stress and activities. Having one less thing to worry about is great for you and the seller. It’s worth your while to maybe scale back on your holiday celebrations in order to get all of your paperwork sorted and be ready to pounce on a great home.

Additionally, January is when the Federal Reserve may hike interest rates, so it’s better to lock in a more affordable deal now while you still can. Sellers may also be more flexible, wanting more peace of mind and closure, resulting in better closing dates, potential home warranties, and maybe even smaller earnest money deposits.

There’s a reason why homes are more affordable at the end of the year. With so many other commitments, people don’t have the time to seriously search and often put it off until the new year. Take advantage of that smaller buyer’s market and get in and get the best deals on homes, mortgage rates, and more. Act now and you could be in one of the new homes in Grand Forks ND at the start of the new year!

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