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Spooktacular Halloween Centerpieces

Maybe you’ve just moved into one of the Grand Forks ND new homes and haven’t found the right Halloween decorations for your home. Or maybe you’re planning a Halloween party and want a new table centerpiece. Or perhaps you just want to update your table decorations. Whatever the reason, it’s time to tap into your creative side and put together some frightfully fun centerpieces. Hit up the dollar and craft stores and you’ll soon have a display fit for Dracula’s castle!

Take some plastic pumpkin buckets that kids use for trick-or-treating, grab a can of gold spray paint and you’ll soon have a glitzy display for some greenery. Two larger pumpkins holding simple greenery or autumnal flower arrangements look great flanking a smaller trio of simple gold pumpkins. Sprinkle some gold-painted leaves around the display for a finishing touch.

You can do a lot with a glass cloche or bell jar and a cake stand or round wooden plaque. A mix of plaques and stands will add great visual interest to the display and when you add in a few glittery skulls or a disembodied hand (check out art supply stores, thrift stores, and craft stores, as well as seasonal decoration sales), you’ll have a truly eye-catching arrangement! The glass cloches offer an easy way to pile up all sorts of strange items or highlight individual pieces. Black tea candles scattered amid the cloches are perfect for spooky illumination.

Garage sales, thrift stores, and toy stores are a great place to find seemingly innocuous figurines that suddenly take on a new creepy air when painted black with demonic red eyes. Clowns, cats, dogs, owls, and even bunnies suddenly transform into nightmare figures. You can create an army of devilish figurines to stare down any dining guest. The more the creepier!

For a more understated fright factor, you can do wonders with gauze or cheesecloth and some coffee. Simply stain some of the edges and splatter random areas with coffee for an aged look and roughly arrange the material along the length of your table as a ghostly tablerunner. Then add in a candelabra with black taper candles or some other arrangement of ghoulish candles with a few plastic spiders peeking out here and there. For a touch more gore, add in some red nail polish smears for a few bloody accents.

Grand Forks ND new homes may seem too new and beautiful to be haunted, but you can still create a spooky, scary vibe with your centerpieces. Plus, lots of these ideas can be used in unexpected areas around the house. Let your mind drift to its darkest corners for all kinds of inspiration!

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